Those Six Days

It all started on one fine Sunday morning , I left home at 530 and reached highway at Hub. My other friend Ravi was coming from Jogeshwari in a cab .We met at around 550. I boarded the same cab and we headed towards north.

Reaching Oberoi Mall the 3rd friend Dilip joined us who is also a skilled driver . All 3 together in a cab with lots of planning about what to do,how to execute the trip and all, we reached Dahisar.There we met the 4th friend Soham who was supposed to be our tour guide as he was from Gujrat.

What to do in LockDown?

As in India, 21 days lockdown is declared by PM Modi which begins from 25th March, there is a question in many minds basically students of schools & Colleges that what to do in these days ?

Since what I suggest is first and foremost is start talking with your family. Nowadays everyone in a family has a separate room in the name of so called privacy, and they don’t communicate to each other. This is what needed to be finished first.

Second ,there are people addicted to PUBG and TIKTOK, they can literally spend hours on these applications. Remember today you are free and can spend whole day on it,but the conditions will change, but once you get more addicted to it,then coming back from there will be extremely difficult. Remember these things will not give you anything to cherish in future. These applications may give you temporary feeling of being a celebrity or a good warrior etc, but these VIRTUAL things doesn’t matters in REAL Life.

You may have 1000s of followers, but you may find only 2 to 5 will actually turn up to your help if you ever asked for, at that point of time your family is only that will be there with you, so on a larger scale you won’t achieve anything in life.

For such addicted peoples, one suggestion keep you time limited on these applications. And in remaining time talk to you father ,mother , grandparents or even your sisters and brothers either elder or younger. You will find they have lot many things to share with you.

If you have grandparents then spend time with them. They can tell you so many stories of their times that you may feel like time traveling in past. All their experiences are now a stories which are waiting to be heard by some one. So just listen them.

To be continued..

Janta Curfew

Important 36 hrs

If everyone gets home before 7 pm on Saturday evening & continues Sunday morning Janata curfew from 7 am to 9 pm,
& after 9 pm if we continue taking rest at home till 7 am on Monday morning, it possibly totals 36 hrs house quarantine.

We all have 99% chances to break the chain & prevent the spread.

So plan accordingly.

Get anything from outside before 7 pm Saturday evening & don’t go out till Monday morning 7 am.

Possibly avoid getting news papers, milk packets, any online orders and please do not allow maids, guests or even your close friends.

Sounds difficult/ stupid / impossible at first but POSSIBLE and you will be THANKFUL to yourself later let’s do this together

Corona Virus

कोरोना बहुत ही स्वाभिमानी और आत्मसम्मान से भरा हुआ वायरस है,

वो तब तक आपके घर नहीं आएगा,जब तक आप उसे लेने खुद बाहर नहीं निकलते.

Stay indoors, Stay safe.


सूखी खासी से बचने के उपाय

कारोना के चलते, आज कल आपको सुखी खासी भी आ जाए तो अस पास के लोग डर जाते है

ऐसी खासी से बचने के लिए या कहो उसे ठीक करने के लिए एक घरेलू इलाज है जो बहुत कारगर भी है.

एक बर्तन में 1 कप पानी गर्म होने के लिए रखे. उसमे 4 से 5 काली मिर्च , 4 से 5 लौंग दरदरा पिसा हुआ उसमें डाल दे. आधा इंच अदरक का टुकड़ा , जिसे क्रश कर के उसमे डाल दे. और अंत में दालचीनी के कुछ छोटे टुकड़े उसमे डाल दे.

इस मिश्रण को खूब खौलाएं, जब तक पानी लगभग आधा सुख ना जाए.

5 तो 6 मिनट के बाद ये काडा तैयार हो जाता है

किसी दूसरे बर्तन में इसको छान लीजिए, और चाय के तरीके से इसको पिएं

दिन में 3 बार करें , चार चार घंटे में, सारी खासी गायब हो जाएगी ।

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